If you can’t get an exploit to work because you get a weird crash inside fread or some other access violation, the space on the stack might be insufficient for the payload. The easiest solution is to modify the code of the program from this:

to this:

For example, this:


The stack variable moreStack gives us more space on the stack. Remember that the stack grows towards low addresses whereas fread writes going towards high addresses. Without this additional space on the stack, fread might reach the end of the stack and crash the program.

As always, use your head. Sometimes, you want fread to reach the end of the stack and raise an exception so that your exception handler is called (SEH based exploit). The important thing is that there’s enough space on the stack for your payload. If you need more or less space, feel free to modify the size of moreStack.

The for loop in main is needed otherwise moreStack is optimized away. Also, if function f is inlined, the buffer name is allocated after moreStack (i.e. towards the end of the stack) which defeats the purpose. To avoid this, we need to use _declspec(noinline).

A picture should clarify things further:


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